Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raise a Glass!

Seriously, how good is Casal Garcia Vinho Verde? At $5.99 a bottle from Central Street market, with an ice cube in it, and served with something that includes at least a little bit of chourico. I love that wine.


Kate said...

Come down to Attleboro. Seabra (Portuguese grocery store) sells it 3 bottles for $10!!! And they ignore all blue laws around times/days when they are allowed to sell booze.

meg said...

it's my favorite wine and it's 3.99 in the city!!!

Momma Chione said...

What I LOVE about U Liz is; even after your business success; you still go for the best cheap wine! Arbor Mist anyone? = ) Always stretching the doll laaar