Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh, Auntie Em, Auntie Em!

Dorothy hit the nail on the head. There's no place like home. For so many reasons.

After Jen and Marley departed on Sunday afternoon, the sun came through the clouds, and we had a beautiful afternoon. Outside playing, Brett and I noticed it was getting a little grey. We headed in, and then watched the sky in awe as it change from bright blue, to dull grey, and then greenish black. Then came pounding rains, followed by:

1.) Dime sized hail

2.) Sunshine and a rainbow

3.) More hail

4.) Darkness

5.) Crazy electrical storm (see video below)

and, then,


Holy shit- thank God I didn't know it was happening, because tornadoes are the natural disaster I am most afraid of. I can't believe that in addition to all the misery I am enduring; being away from my friends and family, no dishwasher, and sleeping on a FULL SIZE BED, that I now need to add twisters to my list of "Things I Hate About PA".

I hope one day soon I'll wake up, and realize that being here, in this awful place, where (unlike in OZ) there is no color and no sense of adventure, was all just a dream. A bump on the head. I'm sick of everyone being in awe of the Wizard, while I am trying to peek under the curtain. I miss my Kansas.

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The Bean said...

Liz...the best part of this was listening to the audio accompanying the video of the storm. Will asking questions about God, saying he's gonna kill himself...absolutely PRICELESS!