Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Glorified Flurry

Will started preschool on Monday. Cocalico Care Center reminds me a bit of Cherub's Haven, his old school. A little bit ratty, but comfortable, safe, and friendly. Unlike the UGro Learning Center we toured when we first got to PA, it is a place where they make projects, not have art experiences. He was sold on the place when he spotted a Sponge Bob Squarepants pillow.
At pick up, his teachers told me he had a great day, and he seemed to genuinely enjoy it. On the ride home, Will himself told me all about his new friend Jack. He was excited for day 2, and I was feeling quite proud at our being uncharacteristically on time for both Monday and Wednesday.
Preschool starts at 8:45 here. We live about 10 minutes away, so my goal is to be dressed, have all of my 3 children dressed and fed, send Brett to work, and be out the door by 8:30. Let me tell you; this is no easy feat. Waking up a 4 year old is a delicate task, not to be rushed. There can be no flicking on of the lights, or yelling, "Time to get up!" God, no. To do so could put a huge kink in our schedule. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed for this kid could trigger a tantrum, a hunger strike, or, far worse, refusal to attend school altogether. Will likes to be eased into his day, and Brett and I try to appease him while feeding the babies/ cleaning the babies/ changing the babies/ gulping our coffee/ getting ourselves dressed/ brushing our teeth. What's that, you ask? I must've forgotten to include showering in my list of A.M. to-do's? Not likely on M-W-F, friends. That is a task to be accomplished on either T-TH PM, or M-W-F at approximately 2:00. Good stuff.
So, you might be able to appreciate and understand my being puzzled/ angered/ amazed at being told of a 45 minute delay when I proudly arrived at 9:43. There was, quite literally, an immeasurable amount of snow on the ground. MAYBE 1/64 of an inch. I was not even wearing a coat. Perhaps I was a bit snide when asking, "Is that normal?". They instructed me to watch the local news for updates on closings/ delays when the weather gets "bad like this". Guess who CAN'T WATCH THE NEWS BECAUSE WE STILL DON'T HAVE CABLE? I hope we get a fucking blizzard so they know what bad weather is really like.
At any rate, Will and I took advantage of our extra time with an extended stop at the grocery store and drive through coffee from Burger King. And, the day wasn't totally lost. When school finally did begin, I ran into Jack's mom, who handed me Will's first Pennsylvania birthday party invitation. Why can't it be that easy for adults to make new friends?

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