Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey how's your news? Would ya like to sing a tune?

Sometimes, things happen that although interesting(in my discriminating opinion), it's not exactly worth composing a complete blog.
Here's a few snippets....
Our refrigerator is not in our kitchen. It's in a sort of pantry/ mudroom off of the side of the kitchen. There is, however, a bathroom vaity and mirror in the kitchen. Peculiar.
Will started swimming lessons today. He did so well. I was near tears watching him from the spectator's room. He completely submerged himself, jumped in all alone, and even swam a bit all by himself. He'll be a champ at Centennial this Summer, I just know it.
Brett has to shovel coal to provide heat for the factory on a regular basis. At night, Sundays, and any other time Wayne isn't around, it is Brett's job. When he does it, I feel like I'm being transported back in time.
Ben and Sam are doing really well. They are saying a few words: Momma, Dadda, Will, Uh-Oh, Night-Night, Book. Their newest trick is climbing onto a kitchen chair, and then up on the table. We now have to put the chairs away. They go in the same room as the refrigerator.
We went to this HUGE pet store today. It was a good time killer. But why do sanke/ ferret/ fish people all look the same. So wierd. I get the feeling that they have trouble making the rent, but no problem buying mice for their anaconda. Lots of black denim and mustaches.
There is a really cool store her, 5 Below. You guessed it. Everything $5 or less. Good stuff, too. Our former nanny, Christine told us about it when she was here visiting last week.
I can't believe this whole Chris Brown/ Rhianna situation. That guy has pretty much fucked up his career beyond repair.
And lastly....THIS MAY BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND IF YOU ARE A WACK JOB COUPON PERSON AND/OR LIKE TO RUN SCAMS ON LARGER CORPORATIONS....My anonymous friend gave me this tip: When you clip a coupon, you don't have to use it for the exact item mentioned on the coupon. The SKU number near the barcode simply needs to have the same 5 numbers as the item you purchase. For example, I had a coupon for $1.00 off any Ken's Steakhouse Marinade. I used it on Ken's Salad Dressing. A $1.50 off two boxes of Kellog's Pop-Tarts? Use it on cereal. Land O Lakes Cheese? Good for butter. I could go on and on. At first, I didn't believe that this would work. So, I tried it once at the self checkout aisle. No problem. Next time, I brought a shitload of them through the self checkout. Now, I bring them right to the regular line. Smooth sailing every time. It has completely changed my coupon clipping.


jen said...

Yeah. I never want to hear "Run It" again. And I loved that song.

Anonymous said...

Cool about the coupon info!!!!! Good to know!! Can't wait to try it!!!