Monday, February 2, 2009

A Sad Day

My friend J.'s mother passed away today.
It's funny the way seeing someone lose someone they love makes you think about the people you love most. I'm not anywhere near ready to lose my mom. I cry at the mere thought of it. I feel like I might just stay in the fetal position in my bed for weeks on end without talking to a single soul.
But J. didn't love her mom any less than I love mine, and she has soldiered on these past few weeks. She has managed to get out of bed every day, and take care of her kids and keep in touch with her friends, and host her Desperate Housewives party.
How could she even call me to give me an update on her mom's condition? Why did she even care to ask how I was? I would've been totally fine with a completely one-sided conversation, because no matter what I could say to her, I couldn't give her another shopping trip or Labor Day parade with her mom. There is nothing I can do to ease her pain, but ultimately, I know she'll keep going. Because even though she lost her mom, she still has to be a mom to her kids, and that can give you strength you never knew you had.

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