Thursday, February 26, 2009

Please allow myself to introduce myself

I love it that people follow my blog, and, I'm assuming I know you . But, for the record, will you please let me know who you are? I guess I'm talking to anyone who doesn't have a picture on their profile.


Martyrion said...

Liz: In response to your request: I'm Larry Clark. I live in northeast Pa. You and I don't know each other. I came to this blog via Sweet Futility (I also don't know Jen). Love both blogs.

K said...

Hey Liz,
This is Kady. Meant to post a comment and tell you your blog is friggin' hysterical. I laugh out loud every time I read it. Loved the line Will gave about Valentine's day - classic!!!

K said...

PS. Thanks for the coupon tip...I'll have to try that!

kimbak23 said...

Hey Liz,
It's me Kim. This stuff is great, unbelievably funny! You should consider a career in writing or journalism...keep it coming!